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Ride Your Bike Safely in the Rain

How to Ride Your Bike Safely in the Rain

Whether you are a cyclist or a daily traveler, do not be afraid of your bike for a little wet season. Make heavy use of the footsteps as an effective way to go to the rain with your tips and hack for the rainy season.

Hit the brakes:

You should not ride in the rain, while the first rainy day after a long time. Because the roads and lands are gets dried as much, it will affect your health too. The roads are gets polished during the first rainy day. Leave it for 2-3 days, and then the surface of the oil is evaporated.

Weatherproof while riding:

Unpleasant cold or wet weather can make your bike rougher. The corroding can be started at the outside of the components due to the moisture, it will lead to the rust. If you are using the heavier lube means, it will protect your bike from the moisture. The cable housing also gives even more protection from the moisture and makes your bike more safety. You can do these little things by yourself if you haveĀ  confident on you, otherwise, go to local bike shop. It will be great option for biking in the rain.

protect your bike from the moisture

Fingers and toes:

In cold and wet weather your hands and feet more protection. Better, you have to prefer the waterproof gloves and shoe, it will protect your fingers and toes from the inclement weather. If you are going to cycling in the rain for continuously two to three hours means, you need some extra precautions for your safety.

Have to carry an extra pair of gloves and newspapers in a plastic bag. If your booties get wet means, you try to sweep out with the newspaper and make them dry.

Layer for your bike:

Spending time in organs requires proper stove technique. Soft merino wool base layers help control your temperature, and if you are wet, unlike artificial colors, the natural fibers oppose the fragrant part. The neck gaiter can be used to protect your neck and chin from the rain.

Do not forget the factor at temperature when choosing your layers; you do not wear a breathable rain gear because you do not want to get out of the inside out. Pick up our bike costumes.

Prepare your precaution things:

If you want to protect your gear from Mother Nature means, you have to take the waterproof panniers, frame bags, and backpacks. You should keep these things in a compactor bag. You have to make sure the top of the bag should be kept away from the moisture.

Cover your bike seat:

If you are going to ride in the rain means, you should take the plastic cover and a rubber band to cover your seat.

Light it up:

It can be viewable as possible during bad weather. Keep the front and rear lights at the time you ride. If you have rechargeable lights, set up a reminder on your phone and charge them overnight, so do not leave the battery in the middle of your path.

Keep clean your bike:

You should keep clean after riding your bike in the rain. Have to give more attention to the rim brakes and the chain. These are the important factors have to be done in the riding while raining.