One morning over coffee, we shared a vision that St. Petersburg can be a sustainable city where walking and cycling is safe and viable for everyone. So here we are –– working passionately to help make that happen.

Our organization is a work in progress but one of many components that remains constant is our dedication to include as many voices as possible as we help guide alternative transportation initiatives city-wide.

In other words... it's a group effort and we want to hear from you!

About Us

Alec Smith ∞ Programs & Events

Alec Smith is a St. Pete native, intern architect and bicycle commuter.  When he isn’t obsessing over the next modification to his Soma-Double Cross, he’s rehabilitating his bungalow in Historic Kenwood with his wife Jennifer.

Meet the Team...

Vanessa Wheeler ∞ Executive Director

Avid walker, bike commuter, fundraiser, and artist, Vanessa is thrilled to help unlock St. Petersburg's transportation potential. Though originally from Portland, Oregon, she embraces St. Pete as her chosen home.

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Jeremiah Rohr ∞ Programs & Events

Decades of urban cycling drives Jeremiah to pursue transportation alternatives for young and old alike.  With a career in alternative energy, he sees countless transportation possibilities in St. Pete and wants to make them happen.